No Smoking Day
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Werhoooo 100 days!!!!!!!!!

I have finally got here, a century, wow, cant believe it!!!!!:D

I stopped smoking on No Smoking Day this year and honestly didnt think I'd make it to lunch time!! I did get to lunch and ate like you wouldnt believe!! Then I started behaving like a manic woman(even more so than usual hehe), garden and house spotless, yes with 2 young kids in tow! Had to keep my hands and head busy!

So what was different this time? Well I got on this site and I read lots of posts about peoples experiences - just like what I was going through. It made me realise that I wasnt alone in this, I found it hard cos my partner was still smoking. I believe you stand more of a chance if you dont go it alone, and even though this was my challenge I knew I had support - thankyou all!!

Anyway down side to stopping smoking??? There isnt one. My mum keeps embarrasssing me saying my skin is glowing and telling everyone how sallow it looked b4 - cheers ma! Shes right though and she said people would pay good money to get that glow bottled :D. I've also put over a stone on in weight but again everyone saying I look healthy for it mmm I seem to be saving money smoking then having to shell out for new clothes cos I've gone up a dress size hehe!!

So I'm giving myself a pat on the back and to everyone else whose given up!!

And those who are thinking about it - go for it - give yourself a chance - its the best thing you will ever do for yourself:D

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Hi Angela,

Congratulations !00 Days is a great milestone to reach keep it up:D



Hi Angela :D

Great 100 days what a milestone that is to reach well done


By the way that's a lovely post as well


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Go Girl!!

angela, well done chick. how great does it feel!

100 days is fab!!!!!

Congratulations xxxxxxxxxx


Well done makes me feel that I can achieve the same reading your post



Terrific! Well done to you, feels great doesn't it!! xx


Well done Angela 100 days is very special. Know what you mean about clothes, although I did need to put on some weight, I have changed 3 sizes, thinking of opening a shop.



Hi angela, 100 days fantastic!!!!

your post was great and definatly positive!

keep smiling and glowing!!



100 Fantastic Days

Hi Anglea, Well done and CONGRATULATIONS on 100 Days quit, yeah still have to be on our guard, but hey got to admit gets easier then first few weeks. Keep up the good work Fantastic achievement...... Kaz :D



Well done it's a brilliant mile stone to reach and it feels fantastic





Hi Angela,

Wonderful milestone, a century is fantastic, CONGRATULATIONS.:D

Stay strong



Thanx everyone!!

Hope everyone is well and going strong!! Congratulations to all you reaching your milestones :D

Keep strong



Congrats and a big well done


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