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Day 5


This is getting really hard, im sat here constantly thinking about taking a walk down the shop to buy some cigarettes. I keep trying to justify buying just 10 to myself and maybe some beer and that way I can kind of blame the beer and not so much me for smoking.

Geez, the mind is a devious git at times :(

Well im not giving in, I really must quit and I really don't want to have to start at Day 1 again.

Nearly a week now so gotta stick at it!

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yeah the mind tricks are incredible - dont give in though mate - 5 days is good going. have a look at this - quite a few people on here have used and recommended. I know it certainly helped me alot

hi dude, well i will be on day 5 tommoro and to be honest i am really really needing a cidi too!

trouble is ive come to realise that it does nothing for me... never has and never why do i smoke?

because i am addicted to nicotine like an alcoholic to alcohol!

eventually you will go for days, weeks, months without even thinking about smoking!

i cant wait! keep going and stay out of them shops you little shit!


jamie xxxxxxxx

Hi Kevin :D

As Bman has said the mind really does play some tricks on us but you know that it's really those b.........d sneaky Nico :eek: Demons doing this they're getting desperate for their fis, don't give it to them let them starve and yes you've done nearly a week now

Just hang in there and win this war we're all fighting for freedom from this addiction we all have


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Thanks for the messages :cool:

Made it through a testing day without giving in to the temptations...... so now im into day 6 :D :)

Major failure! I have let myself down and all who have supported me.

Had a night of friends here and I smoked and I have no excuse. For anybody thinking the same its not worth it, im back to square 1 and only feel bad because of it - smoking brought me no pleasure at all - just shame and another mountain to climb.

So, I start again but a little more wise.

Back to day 1, I feel terrible but I will try again because I really want to do this, I have to do this.

I feel such a fool.

To all that are going well stick with it, you really don't want to feel how I do right now.

Hi Kevin :)

I'm sorry to read this but it happens for a lot of us I faild many times over the years but this time it stuck and it will for you as well

Don't feel a fool Ok as you say no excuses and you didn't enjoy it in fact you felt bad GOOD [not meant in a nasty way] but it means you're less likely to do it again

Well done for starting again straight away having learnt a lesson and a little wiser for this slip so don't beat yourself up about it anymore and remember the only time you've really failed is when you stop quitting altogether


Marg xxxxxxxx

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