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cant belive it, i had a cig


hi the bad news is i have had a fag today, and feel so bad about it, for the last couple of weeks i have been feeling very low, and in the end went to see my doctor who felt i needed a bit of help, the tablets she put me on made me feel shitty......anyway i have now made myself more stressed, i had gone 4 weeks without a fag omg. if anyone is thinking of having a cig please don't it really don't help and i didn't enjoy it. i really felt i did it this time:mad: tomorrow is a new day and i am going to start again, back to day one:eek:..sorry to let you all down but more i let myself down.

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Hi Debbie

What a shame for you, you sound very dissapointed, but wow you are straight back to stopping again, that's great. When someone posts the truth about a slip it helps me to know that it is awful, so your honesty helps me to stay off them.

Look forward to seeing your posts in the future.


Hi Debbie :)

I'm so sorry to hear that you have slipped but well done for getting straight back to your quit big hug

I don't want to sound as if I'm being horrible to you but I feel pleased that you didn't enjoy it, don't beat yourself up about it but learn from that mistake and you'll get there this time


Marg xxxxxxxx

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