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No Smoking Day
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made it to day 3

Hi there,

Well ive made 3 days i cant believe it i thought i would of smoked by now but here i am not smoking.

Today i havent felt as emotional as yesterday i didnt sleep very well last night so am tired and have a headache but apart from that i am feeling ok.

Could i just ask will my withdrawel symtoms be over now? And if i experience a craving will it just be psychlogical now ?

I am abit confused as alot of what ive read talk about the first 3 days but i thought nicotine stays in your system for 3 weeks?

So if that was the case would that be a physical craving?

Thanks for all you support

cheers sally

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hi darling, check out this website its wicked!


what you have to remember is that the withdrawal symtoms will be over with before you know it but the nico demon can get you hooked again quite easily.

acoholics cannot drink at all! we cannot touch a cigarette at all!

good luck we are both going to need it!



Hi Sally :D

Well done by now you're on day 4 big hug

The nicotine is completely out of your system after 3 days although the craves can last a bit longer but mainly psychological hence the need to learn and read about rhis addiction because that's exactly what it is

The trouble sleeping, headaches and being emotional are normal for a lot of us but doesn't last for long


Marg xxxxxxx


Well done Sally day 4 now. have a good read of the sites people have in there posts. they will explain a lot and help tons.xxxx


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