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Just not smoking

I have spent almost half of the last two years not smoking, not all at one time ........I gave up for 3 months, then straight back to 20 a day and then gave up for a week, then back to 20 a day again and then gave up for a month and have kept this up.......mostly using patches...until 8 days ago.

The very first time I stopped (the 3 months) was after reading Alan Carr but there was something I didn't like or relate to which nagged away at me, and that was the simple fact....just do not to light the next cigerette....if ONLY it was that easy I thought, well it turns out it is, sort of.

Patches kept me awake, give me funny dreams and prolonged the nicotine addiction...I used to peel them off (have an emergency fag) and stick them back on again...but this time just not lighting another cigerette has made me feel pretty bad for a few days but now at 8 days I feel so much better than any of the other times and just have the odd, fairly mild craving.

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Welcome Hunnie

I too have stopped and started a few time over the last two years. But have been smoke free this time for almost 7 months so it can be done. i smoked 40 a day for 35 years. you have come to the right place for good advice and support. so Congrats on your quit and well done on day 8 Make this the one. look forward to getting to know you. linda xxxxxxxxx


Hi Rivergirl :D

You're doing fine on day 8 well done you

So pleased to hear you're feeling better now and only getting the odd mild craveing keep it up and you'll soon be counting in months not days and weeks


Marg xxxxxxx


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