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Day 5 and dragon breath

Can someone tell me why I'm still waking up with the minging breath? I would have thought that after 5 days it would be gone but nope.. still minging. Am working today (first day back to work as a non-smoker) so that'll keep me busy for the day. I have to use my muscles (pah muscles's physical anyway ;) a lot so it'll be interesting to see whether my stamina has improved and whether I'll still get as frustrated as I did before after about an hour.

Anyhoo am keeping strong and just remembering those questions about whether I believe it'll be easier next time whenever I start doubting. If smoking was so great why did I choose to quit? Just got to re-affirm especially in the morning. Hope everyone has a great smoke-free day and I've found that keeping busy busy busy is the key to not even thinking about our evil addiction. Take care :)

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The toxins from smoking will still be leaving your body, which may well be why.

Without the carbon monoxide in your system your muscles will be receiving loads more oxygen than you are used to, so you will find that your stamina gets an instant boost!

Congrats on getting to day 5, you'll be counting in weeks before long!


Hi Harleyquin :D

If smoking was so great why did I choose to quit?

Well done getting to day 5 that's nearly the first week over for you

That's a very good question to keep in your mind for if/whenever you get the urge to light up again

I agree with Nic the minging breath is the toxins still leaving your body, don't worry your breath will soon smell much nicer and you'll also have a lot more stamina


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Congratulations on your 5 day quit, each day is one more great day towards freedom. All the nasties will go away and you will have great smelling breath and body.

I love seeing people from all over the world joining us, it's the proof that in every country there are people wanting to be free of this horrible addiction. I wish us all good luck, as a great team we will make it.



Good to hear that I won't always be a stinky minger in the morning. Will keep it in mind along with the fact that I was able to work today without being out of breath and without getting frustrated after an hour :) By the by although I live in Finland I'm actually from Aberdeen so I'm sorta joining from another country without being from another country, sort of cheating really ;) However there are many Finns also trying to quit and although we're still working towards a bar ban it's still not fully there.. Finns like to go to boards in Finnish and I'd rather go somewhere with people more like me :)


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