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Day 2


Hi all,

I am nearly over my 2nd day of stopping smoking i didnt post yesterday as i didnt think i would get this far but so far so good.

After alot of thought i decided i would stop cold turkey as my last attempt i did last 6 months but i was hooked on the gum.

And i feel i was very dependant on it so thought this time i would love to break free from nicotine.

I am just taking it a day even hour at a time i havent felt pysically unwell just very tired.

But i am very very emotional switching between anger and tears which when i stopped on patches and gum i wasnt like that all.

However i am going to stick with it and hopefully it will pass soon.

I have been reading lots and lots from sites people recommend and that really has helped to keep me motivated and focused.

Thankyou for all the support i have received so far it really does encourage me.

Thanks sally

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Well done - these really are the tough days. I know how hard it can be especially as smoking seems to be all you can think about!

It really does get easier - with a few tough days thrown in down the line! It's a bit like climbing a mountain - except this one has a real steep bit at the beginning - you know you have to keep plodding on then soon enough you will come to an easier part. It is a long way to the top and it can be hard work but the last thing you want to do is slip back down to the bottom and have to start all over again!

Remember those cravings won't hurt you, they are not painful whereas dying of a smoking related disease is!

Stick with it!

Hi Sally :D

Well done almost 2 days done and after tomorrow you'll be nicotine free to

Feeling tired and emotional is normal but doesn't last long at all

Those baby steps all add up and before you know it you'll be counting weeks not days just hang in there OK


Marg xxxxxxxxx

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done Sally

Stay strong and long you'll be counting in months before you know it!! :)

Hi Sally,

Well done - the only advice I can offer you is to keep going and on your tough days come on here and you will get all the help you need. This forum has saved me from the edge of the mountain a few times now! I had a bad day yesterday, in tears for most of it but thanks to this forum I got through it and I have even laughed a few times today and no tears!!!! It does get easier as the days go on.

Good luck

Josephine (having a better day than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow) xx

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