Hello i am back!

hi well some of you may have remembered me i was doing really well and made it to day eight last time i quit, then i started drinking quite heavily using it as a substitute and the inevitable happened and i started smoking regularly again.

so here i am, again on day 1.

this time i have to avoid drinking for at least a month...:mad:

cheers guys


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  • Hi Jamie :D

    Welcome back to the forum yes I remember you

    Sorry you sliped but at least you will know what to expect for the first few days

    I think you're wise to avoid drinking for a while and if you really want a drink have one at home where you can't be tempted that's what I did it gets you used to having a drink without a fag OK


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Jamie

    Welcome back and I wish you lots of luck with your quit. Read as much as you can and it will help you to understand the addiction.


  • Brave

    Hi Jamie, U were brave drinking that early, I didnt until well into my 2nd month. Your right give yourself time and tackle one thing at a time, then try a drink after a few wks..... Good luck this time though... Kaz :p

  • Welcome back,

    Good luck on making this your last day 1 ;)

  • Congrats on your quit :) I think most of us have slipped one or a zillion times in my case, just got to learn from past mistakes and move on. Take care and take it easy.

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