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No Smoking Day
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Day 2 - Going well

24 hours gone since my last smoke so into Day 2 we go!

Im not craving nearly as much as I thought I would be which is surprising as im missing that "magic" cigarette - you know, the first one after you wake up. Thinking about it, its probably the only cigarette I really noticed thoughout the day before, now its gone I do feel a little on edge but im not pulling my hair out....yet :o

Going to take my dog for a long walk today, its nice and sunny and the fresh air will feel good rather than the smoke of before. Im sure it will be a trigger for a craving as I normally did smoke when walking the dog but I do feel in control at the moment so i'll see how it goes.

Be back later.... best wishes to all the other quitters out there :cool:

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glad its going alright Kevin. Somehow not being able to get any cigarettes kinda helps i think - kind of like being on a endless long haul flight. You know smoking is not an option and its annoying but you kind of just accept it!

good luck today:)


Hi Kevin :D

Glad to hear day 2 is going alright for you enjoy the walk with the dog and the fresh air


Marg xxxxxxxx


Well done Kevin, keep busy and have many long walks with the dog.

Good luck.



Second day almost done. Had a few moments today when I got a real feeling of wanting to smoke but so far still going well and very happy with how its gone.

Think im going to watch a film then get to bed and that will be another day smoke free :)


Hi Kevin,

Great stuff on getting to the end of Day 2. These early days can be pretty tough. But get through them, stay quit, and you will never have to go through them again. Have a good day tomorrow.



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