No Smoking Day
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day 4

well im on this cos im having my morning cuppa so i thought id write instead of lighting up, feel a bit better than yesterday not feeling as sick , i took my patch of last night before going to bed so i slept better [ didnt have any of those scary dreams ] put one on this morn am gonna take a walk to the shop and get my paper gonna breath in that lovely frsh air x rosie

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Hi Rosie :D

Good morning on day 4, you're doing great keep it going

I'm glad you feel better this morning you certainly sound better glad also that you slept better with no scary dreams

Enjoy your walk with all that lovely fresh untainted air


Marg xxxxxxxx


Well Done

Hi Rose, congratulations on Day 4, almost approaching first week, Keep going its well worth it, and enjoy a beautiful smokefree sunny day.... Kaz :p


Hi Rosie

Well done now on day 4, every one makes a difference. I used patches in the beginninng too and taking it off at night does stop the dreams.



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