No Smoking Day
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my reasons

hi everyone i am on day three off being a non smoker i call myself that now cosinever intend to put another cig in my mouth,i have to stop need to stop, why cos i want to see my grandsons grow up , i want to be able to go out and enjoy a nice meal without having to leave good company to go outside and have a fag , i dont want to be exiled anymore , idont want to stink anymore , i want to have some extra cash in my purse, and most of all i want my ulcer in my stomach to heal , i want my non smoker husband to be able to kiss me wihout saying ugh u stink of smoke i cud go on and on ,so now i am a non smoker for good no going back believe me :):)rosie

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these are good reasons to quit, every time you feel slightly weak repeat them to your self.


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