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No Smoking Day
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First week over.....how did it go then??


Ok, so you may have seen my story so far thread which basically was my reasons for stopping a couple of days in.....

Last night things took a little turn for the worst....

My housemate and I decided the ultimate test would be to have a drink - since I'm out on Saturday on a girls night thought I best test the water and have a couple of glasses of wine at home and see how I get on.

Well, half a bottle in I was saying to my housemate "Oh my god, I could smoke about 1000 cigarettes :eek:" the cravings were shocking, it's just a good job that we longer own any cigarettes, or ashtrays or I reckon last night would've been the night I cracked. She was pretty good actually, just saying to bear with it and I was doing well to have not even had a sniff by now and "look at how many times I stopped, then had one, then stopped again, then had one".

Anyway, looking back on it now I realise how STUPID I would have been to have one!! So feeling a lot better, ooooh also - no hangover!! Not even a niggle of headache or slightly off feeling! Must be one of the benefits of not smoking there!! (However Lizzie was feeling rubbish this morning and still is!! Hehe, I must have a slightly better drinking constitution than her).

So thankfully, still on my 7 day run.....I think tomorrow night will be a bit easier now.

Ooooh, forgot to say - I'm off to meet my gorgeous boy next week, have set a date now so must keep this up as he's pretty impressed that I don't smoke anymore! xx

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Hi Vicky :D

1 whole week is great well done you just hang in there

Glad to hear you got through last night OK with the wine and yes Sat night might well be easier for you now but please be a little careful how much you drink

Pleased to hear the gorgeous boy is impressed that you no longer smoke


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Vicky,

Well done to you girl!!!!

I think everybody worries about drinking & losing the will power not to smoke. The same as when you are on a diet. Darned drink hey!!!!

I have always found in my numerous attempts to stop that the smoking drinking thing has been worse as a thought than the reality. Does that make sense? Know what I am trying to say! When you get through a boozy eveing without taking that fag yo know you are winning & that makes you feel stronger. I am doing well this time, day 35, but I had a just one moment a few weeks ago after some wine. Admitted to it here, it was disgusting & have not done it since & never will.

God, don't I go on LOL. Hope you gor the jist of my meassage.

You can do it girl ;)

gaynor xxx


Gorgoeus boy???

Does he have a couple og brothers hey Marge ;)

Gaynor xx




Thanks! Yep - don't worry, I had a few drinks on Saturday but didn't go ott! Also, got through it! Gaynor, you're right, the thought of it was worse than the reality....

I'll ask about the good looking brothers on Friday when I see him....:p!

Little update, I'm still batting on well.....met Sarah yesterday (the girl who smokes loads) and she found she isn't smoking as much now around me as I'm not smoking and she's taking the steps to cut down with the possibility of stopping (I know cutting down is not ideal but her thinking is in the right direction!!).

Thank you again for your supportive messages, like Asda says....every little helps!!!xx


Hi Vicky,

Thanks for the update, great to see you doing so well.

Keep up the good work



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