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No Smoking Day
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Day 10


I am now at day 10 and have just finished reading Allen Carr's Quit Smoking book. For anyone else finding it hard, I can thoroughly recommend it. It basically makes you face the truth about why you smoke and why you think you cant stop. It really makes you think. For me it was the fact that my next fag could cost me 50k....For this is how much I have spent on trying to kill myself in 25 years! and if I have that 'Just one cigarrette' I know I will go back to it and probably smoke for the next 25 years !

I was on NRT (inhalor) but the book has given me such a boost I have been able to ditch it without too many pangs.

So I am smoke free for 10 days and for the last two nicoteen free. I have to say though, today has been really hard. I think its because for the last couple of days I have been waking at 0500 which is really annoying. I have read that this is expected, so will go with it and hope it stops soon! stay positive everyone and remember...Never just that 1 cigarrette!

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Congratulations on day 10, double figure woohoo

If you keep your positive attitude the days should just fly by, I am finding it easier and easier the more days I get under my belt (6 weeks 1 day).

You may be finding it hard today as your body will have used up it's supply of nicotine as you quit the inhalor 2 days ago, feels nice to be clean of the nicotine doesn't it :D


Hi Nato,

Well done for 10 days smoke free. I also read the Allen carr book and it also helped me in fact I have read it quite a few times and sometimes I still go back to it. I even got my hubby to read it and he is a non smoker I thought it would help him understand why we smoke and how addictive it is. It has made him much more understanding so thank you Mr Carr I say.

Well done being nicotine free 2 days another day and your body will be nicotine free. I hope you manage to get a bit more of a lay in tomorrow.





Hi Nath :D

Well done you on day 10 that's great and ditched the jnhalor as well so by tomorrow night you'll be completely nicotine free as well


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Nato, congratulations on 10 days smoke free and coming off the nrt too!

great posts and keep positive and you will soon be counting in months,



I am made up for you Nato :) smoke free and nicotine free - nice one my friend


Well done Nato, brilliant quit, talking in weeks very soon.



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