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my reason


my reason for quitting is that i am getting married in 2 months 2 weeks 6 days. and the one thing i did not want to do was miss any of my wedding day cause i was outside have a sneaky fag, plus i did not want any horrid photos of me smoking in dress

i am 32 and smoked for 18 years and i never actually though i would give them up. i am currently on day 16 and feeling good

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A brilliant reason Forest for quitting! You are right - there is nothing worse than a photo of the bride with a fag on! I had to sneak the odd ciggie at my wedding but then you could smoke in the marquee - in fact we provided a tumbler full of ciggies on each table!

I wish I had begun my married life as a non-smoker. Keep it up Forest and you will be a healthier and wealthier bride!

Hi Forest,

Welcome to the forum and making the best decision stopping smoking. Read and read more about smoking and it will help you with your quite I always say knowledge is power. The forum is a very good tool and you will get support and encouragement on good days and the bad.

Congratulations on your forth coming wedding and your 16 days of being smoke free well done. Post often let us know how you are getting on good luck.




Hi Forest

What a wonderful reason to quit and you'll enjoy your day all the more for not smoking

Well done on day 16 you're doing great


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

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