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Day 4 - grr London Tube

Day 4 on the patches and I feel great, we have a tube strike in London, just walked 4.8 miles to work and it feels good, passed 12 buses on the way which are stuck in absurd traffic!

Not inhaling all that junk I feel fitter and able to breathe better. God knows why I kept smoking.

Took the patch off last night and no more weird dreams, had a lovely nights sleep.

Hopefully I'll be able to get on a bus tonight don't want to get soaked again lol.


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Good on U, glad u are not struggling, enjoy the journey,,,, Fantastic reward at the end.... Kaz:)


Hey Nikhil

You sound so positive and its good to hear and the walking helps when you stop smoking my hubby and me do a 5 mile walk most days when its not raining. It seems to help me with my quit.





Hi Nikhil :D

You're doing great well done on day 4 and walking to work as well

I also hope you manage to get on abus tonight and not get soaked

Glad to hear you had a good nights sleep after taking the patch off with no weird dreams


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


full admiration for getting to work on foot in all of the london craziness. I did the same when it all shut down cos of the snow that day and nearly bloody killed myself on the ice! You might even be able to get a bike soon with all the new found energy from not smoking and then you'll never have to have your face in some sweaty blokes armpit on the tube ever again!


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