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No Smoking Day
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into week two

id just like to thank everyone for my welcome on my day 6 post and for the support and info you give me

so thank you very much

im into my week number two or day 8 still doing it all on will power found yesterday a little tough maybe cause it was a day off work.

really loving the fact that my clothes dont smell anymore or myself of smoke if im honest

and the money saving is brill :)

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Hi raymond,

Well done you!. It is great not to smell so awful. Went in my hubbies car to get something for him & was meant with a wave of ciggie smoke as he had not put one out. YUK YUK YUK.

Just think, mine used to be like that. Not any more :D

Love Gaynor xx


Hi Raymond :D

Great well done you on day 8, not long and you'll be in double figures

and already you have the benefit of not smelling of smoke

There are loads more benefits to come for you as well


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Raymond,

Well done for being into your second week. There are so many benefits, but I found that not smelling of smoke on my clothes, hair, breath was an unexpected and delightful one. How we used to reek!! :o



Well done Raymond - It's good to be winning isn't it :)


Well done Raymond you are now counting in weeks. When I pass someone who has been smoking I think how I also smelt like that it is absolutely awful.

Keep up the good work.



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