No Smoking Day
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my list of 10

HI all,

I thought that it would help me to post these to get them clear in my head.

1. I am asthmatic.

2. I am smoking to the point where it is often making me cough up god knows what / not be able to breath properly.

3. I can easily smoke 50-60 if im drinking and 30 if its a normal day and thats a death sentence in the making.

4. I waste so much time just standing around smoking and worrying about stuff.

5. Women in general are far more interested in you.

6. You can have more energy for sex and it feels better.

7. you dont have too lose your table when you and your mate go out for a cigarette together at the pub. Or have to leave your stuff and then worry about it getting stolen.

8. I want to climb everest and thats not going to happen unless i sort my lungs out.

9. I have found myself leaving in the middle of conversations and tv programmes which i am really enjoying, to feed my need for nicotine.

10. Smoking is for losers.

thats about it really.

fingers crossed i can do it this time,

best to all,


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Hi Bman :D

There's a lot of good reasone there for sure

Keep them by you as a reminder for if/when you hit a bad day and they'll helpyou through it


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Great list

Great list and good reasons to stay quit. Now im off to test 5. Women in general are far more interested in you.see if it really does work. Then after maybe try number 6:D:p;)



Hi Lee :D

Naughty Naughty :D


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi bman - that's a great list. Keep referring back to it and keep logged on here. You can do this, if I can, anyone can!


Lol trust lee :rolleyes:

They are all really good reasons bman :)


got a new big reason to quit so am adding to the list to remind myself when times get tough.

my best mate (and quitting partner this time) has been diagnosed with an auto immune disease that makes all your hair fall out in clumps.

reason 11. Support my mate and myself back to good heath.

oh and no. 12

seen my gran the other day who ive never seen struggle physically and she was really struggling to walk more than a few 100 meters. aparently she has accute angina now from smoking 40 a day till she was 50. bless her shes doing pretty well for 82 to be honest and after all she was a cigarette sales rep back in the days before they new it was carcinogenic! :eek:


Hi Bman :D

Sorry to hear about you mate and quitting partner but together you can both beat this addiction

My best wishes for your Gran


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


hi bman

just want to say that list of ur reasons is incredable

good luck with it all mate


you know? someone said to me once.. you know you smoke 20 a day? and i said.. yeah? they then said.. how many of them 20 in a day do you actually truly enjoy?

It silenced me.

I love them ponder moments, especially if you later are partially convinced by them that quitting is better than succumbing to the addiction.


Hey chrissie - that would be amazing. im gonna take a banner up there if i make it

found this which made me smile


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