4 weeks tomorrow

hi to you all, have just come back from my hoils, and it was a nightmare!!!! my mother-in-law was doing my head in, i wanted i ciggy so bad i had a buff off one of my husband's he was upset with me which than made me mad for doing it.....it was the hardest week, i was so moody that my family was fed up with me, does this mean i have to go back to day one?????? THAT IS SO CRAP..y am i so silly. A BIG SORRY TO YOU ALL, I HAVE LET MYSLEF DOWN:mad:

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  • Hi Debbie :D

    I really don't think you have to go back to day one for just one puff that you nicked from your Hubby, don't beat yourself up about it OK just carry on with your quit, yes you were silly to have that one puff but you've got away with it, but you may not be so lucky if you do it again

    I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the holiday very much, it's a great pity your family didn't try to understand why you might be moody

    But well done on 4 weeks quit Big Hug for you


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Debbie,

    Well done on reaching week 4, you can nearly start counting in months.....am so jealous, why don't you join our May Day Squad seeing as you stopped smoking in May - the fly puff doesn't count :) :D

  • Hi Debbie I wouldnt count that puff, just carry on as I am sure you will feel happier when you reach the one month stage. It might have been the terrible 3s they go on about and that should pass in the next week :)

  • Hi Debbie,

    Firstly well done on 1 month tomorrow, 1 puff is not really countable and you know what you did and you came clean you stay on your path it was a minute blip. I think you have had enough stress and a rotten holiday by the sound of it. Chin up onwards and upwards.




  • Hi Debbie

    I agree with all the other posts, keep your chin up hun xx.

  • Hi Debbie,

    Bless you hun, sorry you did not enjoy your holiday.

    Am right behind you, keep going, it will get easier honest.

    Love. G. xx

  • ha ha One Puff Only

    No One Puff shouldnt take u back to Day One, We will let u off.. Ha ha sounds like a nightmare holiday, sorry to hear that but u DID get through it.

    Now if u had two puffs might not have let you off Kaz :p

  • hi

    thanks to you all for your replies, i am so glad i don't need to go back to day one lol, it is hard work this no smoking thing, but it is some think i really need to do for myself and my family.....i will not be letting myself down again:)

  • Hi Debbie

    Congratulations for tomorrow 4 weeks is wow.

    When I read about someone having a puff and it was horrible I am glad they told me about it as it helps me to not want to try one. Rub out the puff and on with your 4 weeks tomorrow.


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