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Any room for a moogy one??

Im rocking and rolling into month four tomorrow! my god its been ups and downs all the way. Im still getting my head in the right place at times and have just been on my first proper holiday as a non smoker and have to say I was tempted to have a ciggie as a treat for being on holiday. I then had a word with myself as I know one puff could be fatal! and I really want to get to 100 days, 6 months and a year!!

I havent been able to post as much recently but hope to get on abit more as it really helps being on here.

thanks to everyone for their ongoing support and hope you are all ok xxx

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Well done Moog

Wow 4 months that is brilliant wish I had kept my first quit and I would have been with you. Well done with your holiday and not smoking must admit that is something that is worrying me a little if it will be a big trigger.

You should be well proud of yourself :)


hi moog

your doing very well keep it up :)


Congrats on getting to month 4.

I have every faith in you, you've done so well and I know what you mean but this snippit of your post, taken out of context I know, rang alarm bells when I read it.

I was tempted to have a ciggie as a treat

If you feel like having a ciggie is a treat, reward or great pleasure which you are depriving yourself then there is a greater risk that one day you'll say what the heck and have one.

Of course it could have been a throw away comment, but...... it was getting that sorted in my mind which has made this quit different and permanent for me.




mel, how long have you been quit this time. I have to say I do keep getting triggers but am able to manage them better. I have been really tempted lately thinking I would just have one. Ive never got further than the thought and then realised how far I have got and how great I feel the next day when I have been strong.

My boyfriend has said I can have a treat on my 100th day so thats a big incentive but I have to say its still hard sometimes.

I struggle with staying in a positive head space and get these thoughts; just one as a treat, it wont hurt (i know one would lead to back to full time smoking and really dont want to do that) i am miserable, a big long fag would make me feel so much better ( no it would make me feel totally s**t for many reasons) a fag gives me that time to just have 5 mins away (it gives me time to inhale loads of poinsonous gasses and makes me stink) a nice glass of wine is better with a fag (no, no, no!!!!!!) My non smoking decisions in brackets are much stronger now but Im still practising and will never let my guard down


Hiya moog

Wow 4 months amazing im only on day 7 myself, and i should be going away on holiday near the end of august. When i picture being on holiday i just imagine me sat by the pool drinking some cocktail ive never heard of whilst having a cigarette in the other,does not sound the same with out the cigarette(tut i know naughty me for thinking that way).To me i think not smoking on holiday sounds like one of the hardest challenges. Well done on staying smoke free on your holiday. Hope i can do the same when its my holiday. Thats if i get that far that is.

lee x



you are so right, Im working on this as its a reaccruing thought at the mo, thats why im indulging myself in the forum again!! going to read and post, read, post


Hi Sam :D

great 4 months done and dusted well done you Big Hug


Glad you had a good smoke free hiliday though like Nic that "tempted to have a ciggie as a treat" rang an alarm bell in my head for you


Marg xxxxxxxxx



One day at a time beat each hurd;e as it appears ... you will win ... no ... YOU ARE A WINNER :D


Hi Moog Ive just completed 4 weeks so far.

Difference this time seems to be if I am out and see someone smoking I look for how many are not smoking. Before I would just see people smoking and blank out the non smokers and start to feel sorry for myself. I realise now that there is more non smokers about my town than before. The other good thing I have taken from trying to stop back in March is that since then my OH has stopped and on the 1st of June my best friend stopped too, feels like I have got followers its great :) Just think Moog in 10 years time there will hardly be any smokers left (well that is how I like to think).;)


Mel, yep I have to say my holiday was dominated by non smokers and I hardly saw anyone smoking at all.



Hi Moog, Massive big well done to you, And 100 Days will soon be here.... Am a couple of days behind you, and cant wait to het the 100 mark. Still have the occasional bad days, but like u say, handle them better now....

Have to be on our guard ALL the time.....

Keep up the good work, great to see MMQs doing so well, along with Everybody else on this brilliant forum..... Kaz :)


Hi Moog,

A HUGE well done on your quit :D

I am not going away this year so at least won't have to tackle that really chilled out normally have a ciggie thing :D

Love Gaynor xx


Congratulations Moog 4 months is brilliant :)

How strange it is to think that we saw cigarettes as rewards and I think that's why when we stop it can still happen. They never were rewards more like punishments and even worse we gave them to ourselves, that's how I see them today. It was like being locked up in a prison and being punished with ill-health.

Wishing you many more smoke-free months.



can't believe I missed this one! I remember your first post! Great to see you here! Well done to you!


Hi Moog,

I missed this over the weekend, (thanks Fiona for spotting it and bumping it up!).

Fantastic stuff on getting through to 4 months. Are you planning a nice big party for the 100 days!:D:D



Hi Moog,

Congratulations 4 months smoke free a gold star for you that is brilliant I've got 6 more days then I will join you.





Hey Moog, good to hear from you

hiya Moog !!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAhhhhhh so glad you're still with us on here, iv not been on for a while because of busy stressful work and guilt because i only managed 3 days without the gum and cos everyone on here seems so happy and confident and i feel way behind you all in that department, im almost in the divirce courts i swear, lol.......

you doing so good going away and staying smoke free....well done hun, over a quarter of a year done now XXX


dee dee, ive just posted on your thread as youve been on mine, spooky!!!

thanks everyone for your lovely comments!! my boyfriend is plannning a surprise for 100 days but I will be on here so we can all have a little party as Im sure theres afew of the MMQ's coming up for 100 days. the drinks are on me!!



Spooky yes !!

Ah Moog i will be up for that drink with you, mine's a white wine,my round of x


Hi Moog

Sorry I missed this one, I was away for the weekend.

Well done!!!!!




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