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almost at six months

Yay, I'm so close to making it to six months... 12 days and I'm there.

Had a REALLY shit week last week, and I'm amazed I didn't smoke.... infact, I only had one minor craving, which was very fleeting...

I have to have my dogs rehomed after my landlady decided she wanted me to move out after saying I could stay until my kids grew up... because the door had swollen in the heat and I couldn't close it.... it was a sunday and she didn't want the intrusion... basically, she threw a hissy fit and told me to leave.... now, because my home doesn't seem so certain, I had to rehome my lovely little cocker spaniels... it broke my heart that 2 days after the dogs went she changed her mind...:mad::(:mad:

at least I stayed smoke-free

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Hi Vicki :D

First well done on almost 6 months quit that's wonderful

Also well done for getting through a terrible week smoke free if you can do that you can do anything

I'm so sorry you had to rehome your lovely dogs I can only imagine what a wrench that must have been for you and then for your landlady to change her mind at the last minute


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Congrats for that it,

For me the 1 year has been the "eyes on the prize" goal and reaching the halfway point was for me a major milestone!

So glad to hear that you stayed smoke free during what was a testing time and such a shame that your land lady was such a #*$tch! If I was you I would try to find somewhere else anyway if she's going to behave like that.

Best wishes



Hi Vicki

Well done on nearly 6 months we stopped around the same time, hard to remember exactly what it was like now.

What a shame you have a contrary landlady, well done for getting through that without smoking. I think these times when trying things happen to us and we don't go for a cigarette are when we feel great and feel that we really have stopped.

Good luck will look for you arriving in the 6 month room with me.



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