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weird burning lungs!!

hi all

hope everyone is ok and doing well with their quits!!

as u can see from my sig, iv stopped roughly 7 months ago now and this morning i went running and felt like my lungs were properly burning (i run a reasonable amount and dont normally get that!!) and now iv got this hacking cough and all this crap coming out (sorry i know thats gross)

have u had a similar thing?? im really annoyed about it cos i think surely by now i should be much fitter and i have no problems running indoors but this was my first outdoor run ..well this year i think...

got this bloody race for life on saturday and i can hardly breathe! :(

is this normal after this amount of time?

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I've not had that (nor read of anyone else having it), and I've been pushing myself pretty hard recently for this bike ride...

It sounds to me like you have either....

1) Really pushed yourself and dislodged some hidden rubbish


2) Got some kind of chest infection.

I think if it is making breathing difficult that you really should see a Doctor. It's almost certainly nothing serious, but better to be safe.

Oh, and congrats on "around" 7 months - awesome stuff.



Well done on 7 months - me too and heading into month 8 very soon.

I have read that from 3-9 months our lungs are inproving and spewing out the rubbish we pumped them with.

I sometimes have the burning thing when I push too hard plus I have very mild asthma. It can hurt like hell for a time after a really hard aerobic session.

If it persists, see a doctor to be sure.

Well done on the running and good luck for Saturday!


Go see the doc!

I've had that kind of thing both as a smoker and non smoker when I had a nasty cold or chest infection. I suspect its not related to the quit, but still you should get it checked.

Good luck for Saturday, but listen to the Doc's advice and if he/she says don't run then don't run.



P.s. if you need someone to rub in some Vick's I'll organise an orderly queue!! :D


Hi Id :D

Well done on 7 months quit that's great CONGRATULATIONS

I agree with the others get this checked out by the Doctor could be a nasty chest infection or nothing but better to be safe


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Lisa :D

Well done to you as well for 7 months quit CONGRATULATIONS


Marg xxxxxxx


Might I suggest you get your GP to have a listen to your chest.... I don't think its related to your quit.... my guess is that you have a mild chest infection... I was told that its normal for a quit up to about 6 months... if there was a sudden onset then I would have thought you aren't well... also, look out for the colour of the mucus, green or yellow would indicate infection, white or clear not!!!

Hope this helps....BTW have worked in healthcare for donkies years :D;)


thanks for your replies. i feel much better today so have decided that if i run tomorrow and the same thing happens i will see a doctor next week. it could be i pushed myself a little too hard (heres hoping it was just that!)

have taken some cough medicine which seems to have calmed it down :)


Hi Id :D

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better today

Good luck with the run


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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