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DAY 4 and feel ok


Thanks for encouragement yesterday it helped get me through a really difficult day. Today is day 4. Took ages to get to sleep as felt a bit sick but slept well once I did. Feel ok today. My head doesnt feel as foggy. One thing I have noticed is I cannot stop sweating! my palms are dripping and quite embarrassing! My wife who quit same time as me started smoking again yesterday but I am ignoring it and finding things to do whenever she goes for a smoke. I got a wiff just after she'd had one last night and it STANK HORRIBLE! and for me to say that is kinda weird as I never though I would ! Still drinking gallons of water which helps a great deal, along with EXTRA chewing gum and the inhalor of course!

Keep up the quit and stay positive everyone...the majority of people choose not to smoke and so do you!


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Hi Nath :D

Well done on day 4 and for getting through a difficult day yesterday

Sweating is normal Ok and well done for ignoring you wifes smoking again, who knows if you continue to ignore it she may well rejoin you in quitting

Just hang in there it will get easier for you soon


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Well done Nato. Keep it going as it does get easier. You are more than half way through a week now.


Hi Nato, well done you are almost into day 5, and will be 1 week soon!

The longer we have quit for and each step we take becomes a little easier, and the weeks will pass much quicker,



Well done Nath- Keep up the good work


Peace and vibes of wellbeing to you



Hi all,

Just thought Id check back with an update. Into day 6 today and decided to ditch the inhalor. I dont reckon its doing much anyway but will see how it goes! either way If it does become too much Ill be reaching for the inhalor not a ciggie!!

Tried a few beers last nite and it actually wasnt too bad...craved a bit but just secretly laughed at the 'little monster' inside! Keep it up everyone and be happy and positive, but above all be very proud!



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