No Smoking Day
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Aces Day 3

Morning all

Just checking in and to make todays promise to stay smoke free.

Keeping myself busy doing my computer course today so should hopefully not be thinking about them dirty cigarettes to much.

I have been quit for 2 Days, 11 hours, 19 minutes and 18 seconds (2 days). I have saved £8.10 by not smoking 34 cigarettes. I have saved 2 hours and 50 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 31/05/2009 00:00

^That quit keeper is great ive also added afew people off this site on my buddys list on the quit keeper. I think its great to see how well you guys and ladys are doing :D

lee x

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Hi Lee,

Have a really good Day 3. It's lovely out there, I'm off for a stroll along the river in a while. In the bad old days it would have been a chance for a cigarette. Or three! Now, I can honestly say that I enjoy the walk all the better for it being in the FRESH air.:D

Keep strong



Hi Lee

Well done for getting right back on the not smoking train again. It might help to read some and not have alcohol until you have been stopped for longer. I notice that when someone slips up it is very often when they have been drinking so it does seem to be a cause.

Good luck with your computer course.



Day 3 update

I was doing my course work when i got a call from my sister.She said do you want to come to the pub for some food and a few drinks. I knew i should have said no because of drink goes with cigarettes like strawberrys and cream. But i said yes because i wanted to be out these four walls for abit.

and also i went out with her boyfriend who is a smoker.But this time i did not give way to having a cigarette.Yes i did crave for one when he lighted up his cigarette But i thought about it. And thought i always want to be on the opposite side when i do smoke so why go there.Plus im in the may day squad!

I did use NRT but im happy to drop onto NRT for help. That was my first challenge and i Aced it woooohooo! I know just because i have passed this one that does not mean that ive mastered it because i will never get over confident because i know where that leads. But its a step in the right direction that counts

lee x


well done lee,

you know you can do it,always remember ,the law of addicton.

never take another puff..

we will do this buddy.

doey x


Shiny halo's all round

Hi Lee, good for you. See it's easy isn't it :D I sat at the pub yesterday watching those around me smoking & although I kinda would quite like to have had one I couldn't stop thinking "what are you doing to yourselves"!!! Off now to polish my halo LOL. G.xx


Hi Lee :D

Glad to hear everything going well for you and working on computer course should certainly help keep you occupied

So you took a break with your sister and bf who smokes nad managed to resist the urge although you used your inholor to help after all that's what its for and as you say you aced it well done you won that first big challenge

Yes be wary and don't get over confident about it but it is a step in the right direction, just be careful if you go out with your mates please


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Well done for overcoming that trigger, the more you successfully beat those triggers the less of an issue they will become!!


congrats to you Lee and as Nic said well done on getting over that trigger which is probably one of the biggest triggers (for me anyway) I used to love fag in one hand drink in my pic shows....:eek:

I can honestly say that as each day goes by the cravings get less and less, especially the ones that hit and will not for love nor money go away, so it will get easier - just be strong - xx


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