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I'm back!


I know, sorry - but I'm back :D

A busy week off work (back to work today for a rest!), shed building and wotnot.... got a bit of time on the bike too, it's the big ride this weekend and I don't feel anywhere near ready. Oops.

Next year the little fella might be joining me, spent some of my holiday rebuilding a kids bike for him (I got given it for free and although it's a little big for him he can reach the pedals so what the heck) and fitting stabilisers to it.

He had never riden a bike before (he's not 3 for another month) and he was riding like a pro in a matter of minutes! Zipping around and having a ball... great stuff. Me running around like a mad thing keeping up with him, couldn't have done that 9 months ago!

Which brings me to my "milestone". This is now, by just over a week, the longest quit ever. I have now been smoke free for longer than any previous time since I was 12. And I feel so good it's just amazing.... the difference in me is astonishing.

Stuart - Free and Healing for Eight Months, Nineteen Days, 7 Hours and 56 Minutes (262 days), while extending my life expectancy 22 Days and 18 Hours, by avoiding the use of 6558 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £1,657.37.

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Hi Stuart :D

So back at work for a rest eh after your busy week at home and cycling ready for the big race next week

Glad little fella enjoyed himself with his bike and can imagine you running around like a mad thing with him and no you couldn't have done that 9 months ago

I remember teaching you to ride many years ago without stabilisers oh boy did I puff and pant

Well done on your longest ever quit soon be in the penthouse now


Mum xxxxxxxxx

Well done Stuart bet you feel amazing :) sounds like you had a good week even though you are shattered.

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Welcome back Stu

Congrats on your personal milestone, that's good to hear.

Good luck with the ride at the weekend, I'm sure you'll be fine. What is it 100 miles? [lie] Piece of cake mate![/lie] At least the forecast is good, dry not too warn not too windy!

BTW I hear Sudocrem is good for saddle sores :eek: so you might want to make sure you have some in!!

Congratulations Stuart and welcome back, it's good to see your input. The little ones are amazing how quickly they addapt and learn.

Good luck for your cycle this weekend, look forward to hearing how you get on.


Hi Stu

Massive well done hun, not only have you suceeded so well with this quit but you have also helped so many with theirs. Almost 9 months now.... wow!!

Good luck for the weekend with the bike ride:)as for your little one that is fab that he can ride a bikeso well at his age, i am still struggling with my son and he is 4 :(



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