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one week

Made it one week as of today and feel great! Went for a ten mile walk yesterday which helped a great deal. Had an enormous amount of stress yesterday and fought through it all without smoking, feel stronger today for having done so and not giving into the cravings or temptations. Thanks to everyone on here for the encouragement and keep up the good work!

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Hi there, well done you on your first week. Makes me tired just thinking of a ten mile walk LOL. Glad your feeling so positive, you deserve to :D Onwards to week 2, keep up the excellent work. G.xx


Hi Horace :D

1 week that's great well done you I hope you feel proud of yourself

Also well done fighting off the craveings and stress of yersterday, you now know you can definitely beat it and every one you have to fight now will be a little easier for to do


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Well done Horace, keep it up, aren't we all great at beating this???

Not thot bout doing the walking thing yet.....may in couple weeks :D


Nice job, Horace!!! 10 miles :eek: that must have been a lot of tension you had to walk off :D Congratulation on your first week!!!


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