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Victory Dance

I don't know what it is about quitting, but every now and then I feel like dancing a little victory dance. Think Whitney Houston in a brass bra sliding across the stage. Think some head-banger punk-rocker in spiked purple and orange hair jumping up and down. Think James Cagney waltzing with a leading lady or Julie Andrews spinning in the fields of alpine Austria in the opening sequence of "The Sound of Music".

So thanks again to those of you who quit about the same time as I did and who are all long gone from here, but not forgotten!

And the rest of you still "in your quit" just remember YOU CAN DO IT! We did, and so can you. Then you too can come back after 19 months and do a Victory Dance!


Quit: 17 October 2007

Method: Cold Turkey

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Hi Rob :D

19 Months is wonderful well done CONGRATULATIONS

I've a way to go yet to get that far but I will


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi Rob

I remember you mate. Very well done 19 month When i get there I will be dancing also. Big CONGRATS xxxxxx


Congratulations, Rob..... don't know ya but doesn't matter.... 19 months is huge! :D You must go days/weeks without thinking of smoking? Great job!


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