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Day 5 still alive!

Day 5 and the cravings are getting less frequent, however I am irritable at times to say the least, and at times do have anxiety. This weekend for me will be the real test as I usually would smoke about three packs over Friday and Saturday nights as I work in a bar and it helped to kill the time. For me I have found when I get a craving to just take it one minute at a time until it passes. Thanks to everyone on here for the continued support, it truly does help.:)

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You're getting through the toughest part so congratulations for hanging in there! Irritability and anxiety are quite normal but with time you work through the emotions and things fall back into place..... I really did find that it was almost going through the stages of grieving. Keep educating yourself and be proud of yourself of having made it so far!


Hello HoraceChicago,

You are doing really well you should be happy you have got this far, I was also a bit moody, but my hubby said he didn`t notice any difference cheeky sod:D Any way stay strong and you will do fine.

Von XX


Hi Horace :D

Well done on day 5 that's great it is normal to be a bit irritable at the start but it won't last long OK

If you're working in a bar just be a little wary if you have a drink, have water on hand to sip as well as this will also help you


Marg xxxxxxxxx


thanks for the words of encouragement, I'm not sure if this is typical but I am getting hot and cold spells with periods of cold sweats, an ache in my legs, and sleep habits have been very odd, waking up many times during the night. Should this still be going on after five days?

at least I know the last thing I would want right now is a cig.




Went through the same thing so don't worry, it will indeed pass.... for me it started to get better 2nd week or so.... I sleep like a baby again now and have for quite some time but I still do wake up all hot sometimes..... I think it has to do with improved circulation.... you can find plenty of info on Marg's links!


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