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week 11


not been on here latley have been so busy buying my new house, im so excited and the prospect of moving in to a smoke free house, the money ive saved from not smoking is going on new items for my house, its unreal how much you save when not smoking, i have had a few big nights out and still not smoking not even thinking about it, i only think of smoking when i am bored so i just have to keep my self busy.

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Hi Jodie :D

WOW 11 weeks that's great well done I hope you're proud of yourself Big Hug

Enjoy the new smoke free house and all the things you can buy for it with the money saved from not smoking


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi Jodie,

Congratulations on 11 weeks - excellent.:D And all best wishes for you in your new, smoke-free, home. Keep strong.



Congratulations Jodie on your 11 weeks and your new home! Keep up the good work! Enjoy!


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