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Still Free as a bird

Hi guys,

I quit on February the 15 so 102 days ago!

I have not touched one since and have no urges too either!I quit by Allen Carrs method. I had to read it twice! I read it once, waited 9 months then read it again. I feel totally free now. I must admit the odd thought of things i use to do with smoking comes up very rarely, but apart from that it feels very strange too me! If anyone wants my help or a chat please feel free!


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Hi James,

Congratulations on getting past the century mark, a significant milestone.

I have read the Allen Carr book before this quit, and at that time It struck a chord with me that has been very useful this time around. Did you go CT? Feeling free - that sounds good. I'm not confident enough to say the same yet. But I'm working on it....:D



I did CT three times, it never worked. last two days if that. CT never works, I feel it leaves the smoker trapped for life! But you are free, if you have quit, you made the best decision of your life and are now a non smoker!



Hi James :D

Great well done you on 102 days,that;s a wonderful milestone to get to

I remember how excited I was when I got there


Marg xxxxxxxx


Well done James 102 days is magic. You picked an excellent day to stop it was my birthday.

I wish you many more smoke free months/years etc.



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