Did you REALLY believe you would get this far?

I didn't!

When I quit I really didn't think I could actually do it:D I just thought I'd take one day at a time and see how it goes yet all the time hoping I could quit for good.

I read lots on here and I remember reading that people at the 6 month mark were saying that they only thought about ciggies every now and then and only for a couple of seconds.

I didn't really believe them!

Now I do!

Well done to everyone who has exceeded their own expectations!!

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  • Hi Jerry-Lee :D

    Not really no I had tried so many times before this, but like you thought I'd give it another go

    One last go and that'ds what it was and is I have now been quit almost 61/2 months and know I'll never smoke again no matter what happens along the way

    I also didn't think it possible to not thnk about fags, but now I only get the odd fleeting thought when doing something for the first time since I quit

    I now think that's where I went wrong before I only tried, but this time reading the success stories on here I became very determined, very quickly that I to would do it for good



  • I also didn't think it possible to not thnk about fags, but now I only get the odd fleeting thought when doing something for the first time since I quit



    Hi Marg,

    I think that's what has surprised me - I live with a smoker yet I only think about ciggies very very briefly, I don't ever (well rarely) crave a ciggie now, and if I do, it's only very fleeting:D

  • Did I really believe I would get this far? NO WAY! It was day by day...... until I got to a certain point where I knew I could not do that again! So here I am.... staying smoke free and never 'quitting' again :D Good luck to all out there! Take it a day at a time and refuse to go back and you'll be fine!

  • I never believed it.

    I am fortunate in that I have had an easy quit compared to others.

    Also fortunate that both Mr Nog and I gave up together and because we are a little bit competitive neither of us have backed down! Here we are 3 months later and wondering why the hell we never gave up years ago!

    House is smelling better, freshly washed clothes smell good all day, my daughter loves it, my parents are finding it hard to believe but are thrilled and time, I have so much more time. Why would I want to give all that up!?

  • No not really but I'm so pleased that I have. I've stopped so many times and failed I remember reading some where never stop trying to stop smoking I'm glad I didn't stop trying.

    I have had some really difficult things happen in recent weeks. I am so proud of myself for not doing what the old me would of done, reached for the fags but not the new me. I'm not far off my 100 day's and the cravings or thought of fags are very few now.



  • I knew that loads of people had quit before me, I knew that like me many had had numerous failed attempts and that despite that there had to be one quit attempt that worked.

    So I knew I could do it I just hoped I would do it.

  • I hoped that I would get this far, and here I am.

    Although still up and down, the downs are less and getting less, and the ups are more, and getting more. I hope I'm making sense here.

    Next milestone 100 days is looming.

  • I always believed I would beat the smoking habit, but I'm always on guard for those strange moments when out of the blue I fancy a smoke. I completely agree with Marg when I do something for the first time since I quit is when I struggle. Last month I went to my first speedway meeting since my quit, usually I would smoke all the way through the meeting, I didn't want to but it seemed strange that I wasn't :rolleyes:

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