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Day 2

Hi folks so i'm on to day two now :) its not as bad as i thought it was going to be i found it hard yesterday afternoon but today seems a little easyer.. But i don't think it will be that easy yet.. ;) I didn't have any broken sleep last night also i'm getting a few cravings now and again but nothing my cranberry juice can't get rid of! :p I'll post my full update later or if i'm feeling bad i will post sooner :D

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Well done you will soon be over the worse. Keep up the good work.xxxxxx


Well done Ozzy

Keep up with the juice I believe it and water are good for the craves as well as the body of course. Some reading would help too, knowing something about the nicotine addiction is a great plus, you can read about it at and

Good luck.



Hi Austyn :D

You're doing just fine on day 2 well done

Glad the Cranberry juice is helping you as will the water

As Jackie says read, read and then read some more, the posts on here and the many links to be found in lots of our signatures

It really will help you to know as much as you can about the addiction we're all fighting to be free of


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


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