28 Days Later

Made it to 1 month, yeay me!

28 days later seems appropriate though because I am still feeling like one of Danny Boyles rage zombies sometimes;) I hope I get to post for the sequel (28 weeks later)

Reading everyones posts on this forum has been a big help, so thanks to all of you for the inspiration and odd chuckle.

Going to take the kids to the park now, they are having a world record attempt for worlds biggest picnic, kids are very exited to make the guiness book of records lol.

Making one month has got me feeling positive, I am confident I am gonna make it this time :D

6 Replies

  • Very well done 28 days fab work. Hope youall enjoy the picnic and win. please let us know how it gose.xxxxxxxx

  • Hi EndsNow :D

    Great well done on reaching 28 days hope you're proud of yourself

    Hope the kids and you enjoyed the picnic and beat the world record


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • No world record :( but picnic was fun anyway :)

  • The main thing is you had a great day.xxx

  • Hi EndsNow :D

    I'm so pleased you had a lovely day


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • 28 days was my magic day..... it was the day when things became do-able! Hope it will be just the same for you! Great job on making it this far!

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