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No Smoking Day
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Day 9 should be day 12

Hi anyone,

Am on day nine (should be 12 but had a puff few days ago).....feeling a little blue.........don't know why, being at work is normally much easier than being at home.........what is this that has a hold over us, well me anyway, when the cravings hit - some are ok and pass just as quick as they came but when the biggies come they just won't go away no matter what I do.......even looked out the window this morning and contemplated going to the smoking area to blag a puff or 2..........HELP feel like crying.

what ever the cravings are they should bottle it and sell it......it's mighty powerful....ooops they do and that's why we are on here and going thru hell........and breath.........rant over

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Kate, keep it up. I0'm having bad times too... Mosto of my coleagues smoke, there is a cigarrete machine expender almost "right infront" of me, just by the coffee machine. And I keep looking at it... I understand what you are feeling, but we must be strong. I'm on day 9 too and I know it sometimes feel like hell, and sometimes it feels like if "just one puff", won't be that bad.

But the thing is that it is that bad. And worse. But we can make it, Kate. Keep it up and find something to do , when you feel craving. For example, at home, I'm starting to build a wooden table (no, I have no idea how to do it, but I will try... just to have something to do)

Be brave, Kate. Keep it up!


Thanks jlgbuss,

You poor thing havin to sit opposite a fag machine....ouch I would be sorely tempted.

At home I do keep busy - this weekend everything that wasn't nailed down got washed, ran out of places to hang stuff, everytime I stopped tho up popped the demon craving...am sure it'll pass....least I hope so.

Good luck with the table........


Hi Kate ,

hope your feeling a bit better as the day has gone on, i certainly know how your feeling. this week end has been the longest for me ever and craves been really bad. like you had lots of thoughts of going back to smoking, but deep down i know i just can not give in this time. i really dont want to put all those horrible chemicals inside my lungs again. so have been reading on the links ,just read read read it will help you . you have done so well just keep strong it will pass. we can beat this !!.

lots love ali xx


Hi Kate and JLG :D :D

Sorry you're both suffering today with the craves, it is normal to feel emotional this early in you quit, so if you want a cry go ahead and have one it helps somehow, as does drinking water and keeping busy

Failing that take a walk, ecercise is always good or talk to someone by phone or in person

Read some of the links doesn't matter if you already have, read them again there's always something new or something you overlooked before, it will reinforce your reasons for quitting in the first place

Rant, rave whatever it takes just leave the fags alone, you can both do this and very soon now it will get easier for you

Don't let those Sneaky little b........d Nico Demons win they're desperately trying to get you back in their power

You'll feel so proud tomorrow when you wake up still smoke free and on day 10 that's almost a fortnight done and you both know the danger of just one

Do either of you really want to go back to day 1 and have to do it all over again?????


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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