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Wow ! Day 12

Hello Everyone,

Finally got time to come on and post. had some hard craves today and to be totally honest will be glad when its tomorrow.

We have been to about 4 garden centres today and the sun has been wonderful but because hubby has been chain smoking and its a bank hol wk end think this has been a BIG smoking trigger for me.

Any how the garden is coming round and starting to look nice hubby has nearly finished laying a patio.

I had a long shower and i dont know why but water seems to help me when im having a crave or a bad im ok now and pleased i did not give in.

Hope every one else has had a great wk end.

love ali xx:)

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Well done on day 12 you are doing fantastic with your hubby smoking around you, dont think I would cope so well.

Wont be long till you complete two weeks :)


Hi Ali :D

Great well done you on day 12 and also for beating off that big trigger crave now that you've done it once it won't be so hard next time one hits like that

Drinking water helps with craves so why not a shower or bath ???


marg xxxxxxxx


HI Trendy & Marg ,

Thanks ,yes will be good to be saying week 2 !.

As for drinking water think i might try that as i have been drinking lots of fresh orange juice (tastes so much nicer now).

Have been having real bad nights just keep waking up and i am wide awake and that is after a sleeping pill plus an antidepressant used to help sleep etc.

but hopefully like i have read it should calm down soon.

love ali xx


Hi Sally :D

So glad you're feeling better now and the anger is getting less and more manageable

Your hubby has a goos point there I think we all tend to overan.....lyse how we feel and why

Enjoy your cuppa and biccy the weight will sort itself out, mine is starting to come off again and my apetite has settled back to normal again now,I'm almost back to my prequit weight again


Marg xxxxxxxx


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