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Im coming back tomorrow, i said i was coming back tuesday but i want to come back a day early.Im ready to jump back on that no smoking horse again:D and this time im going to hold on real tight and not fall off.Ive even downloaded the quit calender today ready for tomorrow.Thanks for the support and advice.Where is the quit smoking group for the may quitters? Who would like to make one?

lee x

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  • Hey I hope you have better luck this time as del boy used to say "You know it makes sense!" Its sounds like your really fired up and ready to give it a real good go this time and thats the way to be! I wish you all the best. Good luck! :)

  • Thanks

    Thanks ozzy yeah im ready this time. Im fed up of relapsing over and over again.

    Hows your quit going so far ozzy?


  • Hi Lee :D

    Good you're back again and all fired up by the sound of it well done

    So you're going to hold on tight this time, glad to hear it

    I don't think there is a May Quitters group, maybe you should start one, that would also give you another incentive not to lapse again

    Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow on day 1


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hi

    Thanks CJM and margareth ok ill start the group but what shall i name the group any ideas?

    lee x

  • Hiya, How about the May Day squad. (As in mayday, mayday when you need help) ? Gaynor xx

  • ^^ Mayday Madness. :p

  • Cool :D :D :D :D

  • Hi Lee,

    Well done on getting back on, I would have started the group but had no idea how to do it......doh!!!! so include me toooooooo

  • Thanks

    Hiya, How about the May Day squad. (As in mayday, mayday when you need help) ? Gaynor xx

    May Day squad Sounds good thanks

  • Well done lee, im so happy for you! I wanna join the group if you start one!!! x

  • Hi Lee :D

    Nothing to do with me really but I like Mayday Squad it has a certain zing to it I think


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Ive joined :)

  • I've joined too :)

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