my reasons

doc told me im cutting off the ciculation in my feet my smoking.

my ankles have black bruises all around,and i get a sore heavy itch.

scared stiff of having them amputated,no i like my feet were they are .

i am 58 yrs old ,had my first cig at 12,i have had numerous attempts and failed.

im going to give this the best shot i can.

with the help of all you good folks here.


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  • Hi Doey :D

    Keeping your feet is a good enough reason I reckon to quit

    Forget the times you failed most of us here have lots of failed attempts behind us

    Just concentrate on a happy SMOKE FREE future


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Pink toes

    Hi doey, that is what I have now I have stopped smoking. My toes nearly always looked purple & not very pleasant. Even after 2 weeks my circulation has improved, pink tootsies look SO much nicer :) You can do it, where all ebhind you.

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