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I'm back

Hello everyone

I joined this forum Feb 08 and stopped smoking then too, I did very well until I started to feel very unwell, in Oct I was diagnosed with Graves disease, I was so upset and was trying to get my head around having this lifelong illness and having to be on meds the rest of my life I foolishly started to smoke again.

A lot has happened since then, my consultant is pleased with my progress but said I must stop smoking because it reduces the chance of my remission from 50% to 20%

So here I am again, I've given myself a quit date the 1st of June.

This is a lovely forum and everyone is so supportive, hope you don't mind me coming back

Jill x

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Hi Jill,

I only joined in Feb 09 so I never met you before. I am sorry to hear about your health but you have done the right thing quitting! Welcome to the forum, nice to meet you and I am sure there are some oldies hiding somewhere!! xx


Hi Jill, I am sorry you are poorly. Had to look up Graves disease as had not hard of it. Good on you for making the decision to quit & hope that remission is just round the corner for you. Gaynor xx


Hi Jill

Welcome back, good luck for the 1st.

In the meantime why not have a browse through the links in my signature. The top 2 have loads of information and inspiration, the bottom 2 are free online quit programs which you should start before you quit.

If you can get the mind straight and understand how nicotine addiction works then its much easier. Most of all try to look on quitting as a positive thing gaining back health wealth and control rather than making a big sacrifice.




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