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Was That Month 3

Im still hanging on in, trying to be positive then an almighty crash last night, which was really bloody stressful, I shouted, ranted and raved and its carried on into today but I flipping well dealt with it and that feels goooood!!

Ive just been reading other posts and thinking I reach calendar month 4 on 7th June so does that mean Ive just done month 3, the final one of the dreaded 3's???? I cried walking round the streets on week 3 but managed to get through that and maybe cos Ive been in forum group month 2 i hadnt realised I was actually in month 3. arrggh, confusion reigns!!! I have to say this forum keeps me going when all else fails and theres something out there thats stopping me smoking, although the thought of a bottle of my fave wine and 10 fag did go through my mind at asda before but I didnt get the fags. The wine is lovely !!!!!!

happy bank holiday everyone x

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But I flipping well dealt with it and that feels goooood!!

Thats cos ur an MMQ girl !!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Sam :D

I'm sorry you had a bad time last night

Although you ranted and raved you didn't give in and smoke and that's great well done you and month 3 is almost over now

Hope you enjoyed the wine


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi Sam,

You have done brilliant and a good rant makes things better. Congratulations you did good and happy holiday to you




thanks guys, only just manged to get on today to look at the replies. they are always appreciated

im starting to feel much better and seem to have left the red mist behind and am learning to deal with everything without cigs.

Im going to see the stop smoking nurse on thurs and am really interested in what she will say.


Well done Moog,

The random tough points crop up from time to time, next time it will be easier, and so on.

At the end of the day practice makes perfect and the more you practice being a non smoker the easier it is!

Also it seems that when the desire to smoke rears its head, the more you dwell on it and the greater importance you give it the more it seems to bite!




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