100 days

Hi everyone! I'm pretty happy today, this was a big milestone for me..... :D Not much to say..... last few weeks I've had a few craves (I think because sun finally came out) but nothing this forum couldn't fix :D Thanks to everyone for sharing, taking care of one another, and most of all thanks for all the laughs!! :D

Now can anyone tell me the name of the thread with poll that you have to be 100 days to vote??!!! I bumped it but now it's gone again! I'm ready to vote :D

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  • Well done you,

    You are right it is a pretty big milestone!

    100 days is pretty much the point which it all became "normal and ordinary" it was the point that I think I accepted that I was a non smoker.

    Keep up the great work and is this the poll you mean?


  • Hi Bella :D

    CONGRATULATIONS 100 Days what a fantastic milestone that is well done you Big Hug on it's way for you

    I know the thread you mean and will see if I can find it for you


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hey quit buddy! Lovely to see you joining the club! Well done for hitting the century! The sun is certainly a trigger for me and I have had a few craves too. Its a good feeling getting the 100 days under your belt though don't you think? xx

  • Thanks Nic, Marg, and Fi!!! That's the poll! And of course it is called 'poll for those over 100 days' :rolleyes: Have been looking forward to that one, Nic :D 100 days feels good, Fi, sun craves or not :D

  • Hi BellaBlue,

    Congratulations on 100 days. That milestone is really significant, and seems so far away at the start. Well done to you. Keep strong.


  • Hi Bella, congratulations on your wonderful 100 days.

    Last week I thought it was your birthday because I read in your signature that you quit on 13 Feb 2009 (my birthday), I keep reading it and it still says to me it was your birthday, please put me out of my mysery, the others seamed to get it!!!!!.


  • Thanks Jackie and Deke!

    Changed my signature just for you, Jackie :D Can't have people wishing me a happy birthday every day! :D

  • Happy Birthday Bella!

    Funny, I thought it was last week ...

    Congrats on the century - nice one. Easy now isn't it ?

    Thanks BB..... no more birthdays for me this year then..... Fi even started a whole birthday thread..... twas fun while it lasted! :D And yes, it is easy now!

  • Thank you Bella and glad it created a laugh, it's very good for the soul (the laugh that is).


  • Well done Bella we have another Centurion


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