Day 7, feeling great!!

Hi everyone,

Wow!!! A whole week!!!! Im really proud, cant beleive ive come this far!

Cant wait to go further!!!! I forgot to put my patch on this morning, i didnt have a single craving until i realised!! Then.. OH MY WORD... did i want one!

Just one!!! Everthing seemed to be falling apart in work, i was all stressed out! i started making silly mistakes......But then, Lucie (a collegue) went out for a ciggerette, and when she came back she smelt horrible! She asked me if she could borrow my purfume. And still, even after using my purfume i could still smell stale smoke! She dosent realise how much she helped me get through the rest of the day!! (Thanks Lucie).

When i came home i put my patch on, which has made me feel terribly sick! But i dont care, Its much better than smoking!!! So im having a very positive smoke free day!! Smiles all round!

I must admit i haven't drank any alcohol since ive quit. Ive avoided drinks with anyone who's asked. I never was a big drinker, but i always smoked more when i drank!! I wonder if im going to be alcohol free too because im terrified of drinking in case i smoke!

Thanks everyone who's helped me come this far..... Big Hugs

Love L.J xxxxxx:

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  • Hi L J :D

    Great well done you on day 7 keep it up and you have every right to be proud

    As you say well done Lucie for helping you through the day, just by smelling of smoke


    Marg xxxxxx

  • Hi Laura,

    Well done on reaching day 7....see I told you you could do it.

    I had a horrible morning, got veeeeerrry angry when on this site just cause I couldn't find the start new thread button yet it was staring me in the face, guess this sort of behavoiur is yet another challenge to overcome :eek:

    Am off to wash anything that is not nailed down in the house and will come back on later to post some info I read this morning before turning into a ranting, evil woman.........:rolleyes: Sound quite helpfull re those demon cravings.

    Big hugs and keep going xxxx

  • Well done Laura Jane 7 days, that is a whole week. Yes those smokers do smell bad, good job she came in when she did, it's amazing what can actually turn us off, let's hope it stays that way.

    I wish you many more no smoking weeks.


  • Hi Laurajayne,

    Congratulations on getting through the 7 day mark. It's so positive to be counting your quit in weeks now.:D

    Keep strong


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