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Day 10 How good is that !!

Hi to all

On day 10 and i am feeling ok and to be honest surprised i have got here.

This quit i did cold turkey, the first three days were the worst but bearable, just really strong desires for cigs, but easier by day 4.

just feeling a little lost now and then, not sleeping great but expected this, just have lots of free time so need to find some good hobbies now.

Hope everyone else is getting on ok. stay strong.

lots love ali xx:)

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That is excellent, that is. Really pleased for you, Ali.

10 days, double figures, is a really good feeling. Sleep patterns will settle down in time. And yes, time to get some chores done, or a new hobby, or just enjoy that extra time you've gained.

Have a good weekend. Stay strong



Arr Thanks Deke,

I am feeling quite proud, and yes will have to find lots to fill all this extra time .

i suppose i am learning at the moment , to live each day without the crutch of a cig every 2 mins. must say i am enjoying being smoke free and feel loads better , even in my breathing all ready. wish i had packed up years a go.

Thankyou for all your support, wishing you well too

love ali xx


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