No Smoking Day
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im still going who would have thought

:):)thanks to all your comments im on day 17 and i feel great. sores have gone in my mouth now. but i am really tired. i could sleep for years if my hubby would let me lol. but i can breath and that feels great. friends came round and i made them smoke out side. i stood with them and it still did not want me to have one. i did dream last night i had a cig in bed why i dont know but waking up i felt great, im going to beat this x

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Well done HippyChick.

17 days is really excellent.:D Have a nice relaxing, and smoke-free, bank hol.



Hi there Hippychick,

17 days is really good it wont be long until complete 3 weeks well done:D



Well done you, 17 days is fab. I think you have every right to ask your friends to smoke outside, real friends will have no problem with that, it might even have them taking a leaf out of your book. You smell so nice and so will your home. The smell was one of the things I hated about smoking now it is worse, people smell like ashtrays ugh.

Good luck.



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