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Still going strong

Day 18 today and still smoke free.

I have been feeling really lowsy with a sore throat, heart burn and sleeping as much as i could once i got home from work. Different from the first few days where i couldn't sleep or woke up feeling that my mouth was on fire.

Last night i had more energy and today i am feeling much better. Even though i feel quite ill i don't want to smoke again because i know i will have to go through it all again and next time i may not be as strong as i am now. I also love having a fresh mouth when i wake up in the morning.

I also know that when i get the urge to smoke it will pass and one puff would start me off again and i really do not want nicotine in my body.

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Nearly into week 4 :)

Many people get cold symptoms when they quit, think of it as the nastiness leaving the body :cool:


I'm only on day 10 but i have been drinking Green organic smoothies every morning...even though i really felt like crap for the first 2-8 days!!! since day 9 i have been consistantly feeling better....alot more energy and i can finally get some more sleep at night....

keep up the awesome progress...;)



Well done on stopping for 18 days. The websites and give good information about what to expect when you stop, it really helps to understand the addiction we have to nicotine and how to change what we once believed about smoking to what is actually true.

Good luck.




well done on not smoking. im on day17 and i still feel like i want a cig but i wont. i have a really sore thoat feeling tear full but i feel better the last few days. im tried all the time and i was like u could sleep but now i could sleep for england. im not tearful any more but still really grummpy frist thing in the morning is the worse. BUT I CAN BREATH AND IT FEELS GREAT. keep going hun your doin so well x:)


Thank you everyone for all the replies

And well done to you all too.

I have not really felt like a cig today but annoyed with myself for keep eating (although healthy foods) I know it will easier to lose the extra weight than giving up smoking though especially with my new extra energy:)

Catch up with you all next week and hopefully the smoke free bank holiday weekend will not be too difficult


Hi Given up :D

Sorry you've been feeling poorly and glad you now feel better

Well done on 20 days quit now


Marg xxxxxx


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