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Day 5, and can't stop thinking about it

I woke up this morning feeling like if I hadn't had any sleep... afforded to take a cup of coffee and couldn't avoid "not thinking about" buying a pack of damn tobacco. Don't you hate when someone says "just don't think about it?". How can I "not think" about it? :mad:

Well. I hopped in my car, took a nicotine gum, a deep breath and here I am at work. One more day, one more fight... with a pack of peanuts, raisins, and corn to make it through the day. I'll try to take -1 gum from my daily dose. :o

Day 5 and clean. Thanks! And everyone out there keep it up! If Obama is quitting too... "yes, we can".

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Hi Jlgbuss,

Congrats on Day 5. You've been through some of the toughest parts already, and have every right to feel good about it.

I don't think you'll find many people on this forum who either expect that you will not think about smoking, or who would say "just don't think about it" ! I'm still thinking about it frequently and it's been several weeks now.:p

But thinking about it doesn't have to be a bad thing. The more you learn about your addiction the better equipped you will be to fight it. Can't really be done without thinking about it, I suppose!

Keep strong and you will find that the craves and constant thinking about cigs will get easier and reduce.



jlgbus day 5 for me to, i had dinner today i cant remember when i made a dinner in the day,but still me hardest is after i have eaten my throat seem sore today as well isnt it funny you feel evey pain twitch any thing that your body tells you it is getting healthier then you run to the phone and tell everybody my poor hubby must have ear ache,head ache listening to me, oh well back doing anything to take you mind off it are you still getting dizzy and tired mind you hubby says i like that anyway good luck for the rest of the day pat


Obama is quitting, or at least, he said he is trying...

About coffee... now that I'm not smoking, I feel like I I'm going to fall asleep any moment... and I need to be alert at work... and furthermore, before I sit in my car a drive back home.

Oh, and just a quick update on my day five. I was determined to eat less nicotine gums today. So, I just "forgot" of them in my car. I usually take one at 12 AM (lunch here in Spain is around 2 pm). And... it was hell after lunch. I hadn't had so much need for nicotine (psicological?) since my first quitting day. I thought about asking for one to my lunch pals, thought about buying, thought about smelling a peer's smoke... Even thought a puff would not make me that bad. Isn't that a demonish way to act for an adiction?

But I breathed deeply, and finally "ran" to my car, literally, and took hold of my gum dosis. I'm much better now, chewing like crazy. And won't give up... anyway I'm scared about the day I must quit gums too. One step at a time, I guess.


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