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6 weeks tonight!!!!!!!

Like the heading says 6 weeks tonite..My wife who stopped the same time as me and has had a lot of problems has finally succumbed and started smoking again. She smokes outside but I smell it as soon as she walks back in. She is really supportive to me, but sadly that doesnt help when i watch her smoking a fag. I am ready to give in again. I am at a very low ebb at the moment...

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You have done so well...... 6 weeks that you will never have to do again if you stay quit..... remember why you quit in the first place... you want to go back and have to start all over again??? You have gotten to a place in your quit where all you are battling with is your mind now...... you may be looking for reasons to start smoking again (perfect reason cause wife has started again) well you know your wife wishes she was still smoke free and she'll have to do it again...... keep going, I tell you!!

Stay focused and be positive, breathe deeply, and go day by day...... 6 weeks is huge..... you may be watching your wife smoke enviously..... BUT with that smoke comes addiction that you have to feed day in day out no matter what the cost to your health or wallet...... It is a matter of how you look at it.... look at it with envy and soon you will be smoking again (no one likes to feel deprived for too long) but look at it with a smoke free and clear mind and you will pity your wife for having to smoke...... chose which way you want to go..... good luck to you!


Hi Boss,

6 weeks thats great well done:D



Good Times


Well done 6 weeks is brilliant keep going




Hi Bossdean

I know what you mean when you say you feel tempted again when you see your wife smoking. I think just knowing they are going for one puts the remembering thought into our minds. My husband still smokes although never near me, it is only then that the thought I am missing something comes into my mind, but it is definitely not real, but it is annoying. I know one day it will go away.

Good luck and well done with your quit.



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