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Its been hard, but still free in dAY 4

I almost, and believe me, almost, gave up the fight yesterday night. I found myself alone at home, waiting for the hour I go and pick up my girlfriend from her job. I always used to kill time on the internet, smoking, writing emails, etc. I was soooo tempted to go and buy a package "just for one".

My body wanted it badly, I started to feel very unrestful, agitated. So I turned off the computer, washed a few dishes, cooked some french fries... and stuck a nicotine gum in my mouth. Buff.

But hey. I'm up to day 4 and still cigarrete free. The thing is... If I didn't have this nico gums... Would I have been able to make it? I'm taking around 5 each day, while the "normal" dose as read in the pack is 10-15, so I guess I'm doing quite well in the end. What do you think? When will I be able to forget gums too?

Thanks fo the support and keep it up all o you who are half way through week one!

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Hey there,

I think your doing fab. You didnt give in and you changed your normal habit to accomodate that!! This can only mean your serious! Im finding distraction is key! I keep doing the dishes, cleaning etc.... Are you only using the gum? if so your doing a great job. Im using the patches...Just got through day 5, and im terrified to take it off now! they seem to be killing the craves for me, i cant imagine not using them!

So if your only using 5 gums a day, then you certainly have some will power! I envy that!!! And as for worrying about not being able to get off the gums, well i honestly think its just gonna be about weaning ourselves off the nicotine when were ready, but theres no rush for that just yet! (im takin it slow, if im still on these patches in 3 months, who cares at least im not smoking).

Good luck, enjoy yet another day smokefree!!!

L.J xxxxx


NRT & Me

Hi Guys, I am on day 13 tomorrow & like you using patches & lozenges. I know that the ideal would be to go cold turkey but I also know after many, many attempts to stop that isn't going to work for me this time round hence the NRT. After reading somethings though I have almost felt like I am cheating abit :confused: Then I think does it matter so long as I am not smoking those dreadful cigarettes. I will go through the programme & cut down on the NRT so I am sure all will be well. I have been feeling on the whole pretty good, have my moments obviuosly. The positive things i have noticed to my health fair outway any negatives. Keep up the good work. Love. G. xx


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