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holiday coming up


what have you lot got planed for the holiday week end ,,.me get some more fishing in,,few pints ,,take the wife for a meal if she is good ;) and do some gardening ,and best off all its one more holiday week end not smoking ,,how good is that,,BIG HUGS TO ALL WHY ARE QUIT , you all have a very nice week end,and if you cant be good be carefull:p just keep the faith and keep :D:D tony

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Hi Tony

So sorry i missed your 6 month mark half way to the penthouse tony. Have a fab weekend and enjoy every minute. Love Linda xxxxx

What have I got planned? I have all of next week off work, but it's going to be a busy one!

I have got to.....

Build a shed

Build and fit a gate

Repair part of the kitchen

Get some work done on the car - been sadly neglected for too long lol

And get in as much training as possible for the 100 mile bike ride on Jun 7th.

Oh, and fit in some family time too!

If any of you feel like sponsoring me (and the others from my work taking part) then you can do so online at

We are still a long way from our target and all donations gratefully received!

Done Stu

not much but hope it helps. My daughters baby is due on the 8 june so very nice week all around. good luck.xxxxxxxxxxxx

hi stu

your new name is BOB THE BUILDER,,stu i would love to give you a hand,,BUT i have so much to do lots and lots of fishing to do,if the weather is ok ,a bit of sun bathing,with a pint of the black stuff right beside me:cool:you have a nice week end stu , and find some time for you self,,all the best tony

hi linda ,thank you for that ,,you also have a very nice week end as well,,congrats on being a gran very soon lol tony

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