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It beat me too

Unfortunately...after almost 3 months I am back to square one...

So, i'm smoking again. My sister is still seriously ill in hospital, I'm not telling my parents I'm smoking as they are upset and stressed enough with it. I am going to stop on Friday when I'm back to my sister/parents as I don't want to smoke around them.

I feel a let down, but I'm going to face it and be honest with myself.

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I'm sorry if this seems harsh, but it is the truth.

Tobacco didn't beat you - it is a plant, it can't beat you.

The "habit" didn't beat you - you are an inteligent being capable of making choices.

Nicotine didn't beat you - it is a chemical with no inteligence and no way of trying to persuade you to inhale it.

You beat you. You made a decision to quit, and then (while under great pressure, and I do understand the problems this causes - been there myself) you chose to go back on that decision and smoke.

Like I said, I know it's harsh but it's true.

Did it help? Of course not, everything stayed the same except now you feel much worse because you are smoking again.

As I say, been there and done that. Many times. The secret to staying quit isn't a secret - it is simply choosing not to smoke everytime you are presented with the choice. No matter what the circumstances.

I hope you regroup soon, learn from this and start a new quit stronger than ever - quitting does take practice. Please read and educate yourself.... the more you read the more you will realise that it's all about choice.

While I do sympathise with your situation - sick relatives cause great stress and concern.... slowly killing yourself is not the way to help ;)


Hi Coralie,

I know you are going through a tough time. I send you, your sister and family all best wishes and hope things improve.

Learn from this experience, and that smoking isn't going to help you through difficult times. I'm sure that when you are ready again you will be better prepared and it will make your next quit successful. Keep strong.




i now how you feel hun, i went threw a awful situation in my last quiet, at 10 weeks my partner who had undergone a heart bypass had 2 strokes and caught pheumonia and i started smoking like a trouper,

its difficult in the situation your in but i wouldnt wait till firday, if your guna quit again do it know, the more nicotine ou havein your system the harder the quit, as we all knwo

good luck to you hun and i do hope your sisiter gets well soon.




Hi Coralie,

This will only beat you if you allow it too, so don`t wait too long get back to your quit, you will always find help and support here.:)




Coarlie, Dust yourself down and start again, Dont lets these Nics beat you, Put your experience to good use on your next quit, and see it as a practice run... Good Luck and start counting the days, weeks and months again Kaz:)


Hi Coralie :)

I'm so sorry you slipped and that you're sister is still so ill, but as you have found smoking didn't help anything at all if anything it has made it worse for you

You now have your regret and guilt to cope with as well

But you've learn't from it, so pick yourself up and start again, you know you can do this, after all you already have


Marg xxxxxxxx


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