No Smoking Day
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Feeling good

Still getting mind craves but they arnt causing me many problems, using my journal and it is helping loads (thanks Tracy). Feeling lots better in myself, lot more confident and a lot fitter. Still get stressed and worried about things but thats me lol.

Mark is doing brilliant we have gone two days and cigs havent even come up in converstaion, hes gone to bed tonight and just realised neither of us mentioned cigs, craves etc. Think we are getting there ;)

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...we have gone two days and cigs havent even come up in converstaion...

Nice, isn't it.:D

I'm chuffed that I have got through several major triggers where, in the past I would have automatically reached for a cig, and on a couple of occasions it didn't occur until some time later that the crave hadn't reared its ugly head!

Well done to both of you. Excellent that not smoking is becoming the norm.

Stay strong,



Thanks Deke, yes I think we are getting there didnt think it would ever get to this stage :)


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