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Heeeeeelp day 7

wow got to day 7, but i am finding it hard today, feeling down,fed up ,fat spotty, old,tired etc etc etc, my silly husband went to work today and forgot to take his ciggies with him, i went out for the day to try and cheer myself up...and that didn't work, came home and or i keep thinking about is those fags in the cupboard, cant wait until bed time need this day to end, i hate those little Demons,:mad:

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Hi Debbie,

Chin up you have done the hardest bit really the first week is about the worse by the way well done for the 1st week and not smoking those ciggies it shows that you are determined to stop smoking. That bloody nicotine monster just likes to test us, so he/she tries to make us as miserable as he /she can. But you have made the best decision that you will ever make. Read as much as you can so you understand what your body is going through and your addiction and it will help you through this period of stopping smoking for good.






thanks Dolly, it's nice to have some feed back, it does seem to help, feeling a bit better now,just had tea and a big glass of water which has stop the monsters for a while haha, I'm new on this forum so still finding my way around so forgive me if i get lost, thanks love Deb


hi debbie,,well done on day 7,and well come to the site,we are here for you any time,,it gets better as time goes on,,just you keep the faith and keep :D:D:D



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